In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are announcing the launch of our newly online session service. This experience is now available for you to experience thus contributing to the reduction of avoidable trips to our partner clinics.

You can choose to book an Online Session, requiring only a device with camera and microphone (smartphone, tablet or computer) and internet connection. The Online Session takes place via Skype or the WhatsApp video call. The payment methods available for this service are Bank Wire Transfer and the portuguese mobile payment MBWAY. The first online session is free of charge, the following are paid in advance.

Do you feel like taking advantage of isolation time to work on yourself? Now is the perfect time. Has your anxiety worsened? Do you find it difficult to sleep? As a neuropsychologist, I believe it is in the moment of crisis that we should focus on learning new skills and leave behind old patterns of behaviour. Feelings of isolation, especially when you have only a few people you can rely on, can be very stressful. Even around your close family you may become more personally distressed and concerned with your own feelings. If you are feeling more anxious or stressed and it is becoming unbearable, then now is the time to seek professional help. I have more than 20 years of clinical practice. My areas of expertise cover child and adult psychology. I believe words can heal and being supported in a safe space where you can be listened to and encouraged by an experienced practitioner really makes a difference. Being in control of your life enables you to achieve more, stay mentally and physically energised and focus on more of what you really enjoy. It is never too late to make change, regardless of the situation. Together with empathy we can get through this crisis.